Courage, Discipline & Tapas


While I was traveling in the mind, I wanna share about words I stumbled above, thank you for reading.

Disciple and discipline are coming from the same core. It is leaving your baggage and taking the journey. It is you taking the journey and also the journey itself. No matter how heavy or how light your baggage is, you better leave it behind. Time is now. The core that guides us through our journey to BE is called Tapas.


The more you become One with the true self, the more it creates the inner light of Tapas. Tapas can Burn out all the illusionary obstacles of the mind. Which deepens the journey we take. Courage comes from word cour “THE HEART”. It is not fearlessness but being sincere enough to face that WE DO FEAR. The heart (the cour) is ready to burn them out with TAPAS.

Tapas fire can either be flaming with the safe environment that you create by love or decrease with fears and giving up. 

The safe environment is not your Oblomov zone (Confort zone) 

Your comfort might be because of the Bliss of your actions or because of the procrastinations (with the Oblomov syndrome) acting against actions.. Acting against action is very common we all do it when we don’t feel but do! There is a tremendous difference there.  We are all conditioned to not to feel but do.

We will know by our Heart! If we know the heart, we will act accordingly to the heart with the Tapas fire. This fire is going to pull you to not to the illusionary but to the blissful environment that is alive. We will then be sure of what life is made of. Truely no words can describe. The words are unable to tell what heart knows. We need to discover if by ourselves. All of us want to know what purpose of our life is. If we are able to look to the mirror of Tapas, our purpose is very clearly there to see.


Yogi Ni

Türkçesi isteyenlere gelecek.

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2 thoughts on “Courage, Discipline & Tapas

  1. Maitri on said:

    Hypocracy is the disease of the human kind who often love to wear a spiritual mask to hide their inferior realities or even the realities of life which they prefer to unsee. Talking or writing blah blah to seem as someone “on the path” is the dangerous zone of the pretender. Even Buddha did not dare to speak out. Enlightenment is not vocal and the spiritual path is not under stage lights. Most of the time, people write or share just for the sake of a well-polished self image. The more you try to maintain such an image, the more it will fall apart and people will never whisper in your ear how ou really look or mirror you.

    Well, a tapasvin does not lie, especially to herself.

    Are you brave enough to face your “biggest fear”? Really, are you?

    Would you be able to keep yourself together when all things in your life fall apart?

    Because “there” lies the truth: When the bottom falls out and you find nothing to grasp. Looking right in the eye of the fear instead of ignoring the truth is the only place to experience groundlessness, where the understanding goes deeper.

    The spiritual journey is not about heaven and finally getting to a fascinating place. It is about searching for the truth instead of holding onto a fake life for the sake of keeping your comfort zone together.


    • i totally agree!
      hypocrisy is there when you see with two eyes. i also believe that the truth is silent and when you try to explain silence, there starts the duality. that’s why we have two eyes, two parts of brain, two ears, two nostrils but one heart! 🙂 you can always choose to see through the heart.

      of course this is -as i told in the beginning- my journey in the mind inspired by the heart. just to inspire awakening in ones heart. i hope it inspires you too. thanks for the comment.



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